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Posted by BreedCrasher - August 31st, 2008

My 360 has been going warm for the past 7 hours. Thank you Castle Crashers.

I swear its the most addictive game on XBLA Ive ever played. Good job Tom and Dan, the Power Duo strikes again.

If you whine about the price you are a crybaby. Its far more worth the money than Braid as it'll keep you playing. Amazing Co-Op with that to boot and an arena mode where you do battle, Multiplay at its best. The only thing that bothers me so far is its way to handle connections.. Ive hardly managed to play much online, Ive heard some people's games got bricked while attempting to establish online contact to much...

Oh well. Maybe it'll be fixed.

So yeah anyway, if you feel like adding me, you can add me onto my gamertag, CarbonExt. I'll seeya there. Will definitely take you on as The Orange Knight.

Flash and Projects
So In other news, I got a few projects up and running which are on the way. The first one is a Sonic Tribute, hopefully something I can release on Launch Day of Sonic Unleashed, really looking forward to the game. It looks sweet. The second working flash is yet another Sonic flash although this being a parody with a more humorous approach which I hope to release in two weeks or so. It shouldnt take so much more to make it, aslong as I dont get addicted to Castle Crashers again and get my lazy ass up to work.

The Third Working Flash is a short traditional 24 fps frame by frame animation about one of my best buddies... A joke I pulled off on her. Which she hates however, therefor I have a feeling she'll be hating this particular flash, even though it stars her as the main character.

Fourth I want to finish my teaser trailer for my real working series project. I'd reveal more info to you about this but its more of a confidential in progress.

Also Im hoping to finish something for Madness Day this year, and maybe a better Halloween submission... Rush For Halloween indeed was a rush and crappy made animation.

In the meantime enjoy this picture of the Sonic flash Im working on.

Projects and Castle Crashers (Good God)

Posted by BreedCrasher - May 26th, 2008


Please drop a review and vote if you can.
I know it might not be special but hey it was all done in just like 2 days.


Posted by BreedCrasher - May 4th, 2008

I recently submitted my latest Flash, Closure, to NG. You can find it here:


Just so you know alot of people are claiming its Emo and all that. After you've seen it, or even before you've seen it, read the description, cause seriously, I laugh at the people claiming it is.

Also the flash isnt something super advanced in animating, its a simple animation I made to waste time originally.

So yeah, I got a few other Flash Projects up and running to, but for now they'll be held confidential.

Posted by BreedCrasher - December 26th, 2007

Hey guys, Merry Xmas! I hope your Xmas was cool, because mine sure was!
Here's a list of what I got:

Super Mario Galaxy
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games
iPod Classic 80GB
iPod Charger (Through home electricity instead of computer)
Wii HD Component Cable (If you have a Wii with an HD TV I suggest you get this immediately)

Now for some Rush for Xmas info, I didnt expect the apparent mocking in the first flash to be true, but people begged so much that I figured, fuck it. I'll do it. The script and all is done, but the only ones that have so far fixed the voices needed is Nitro and Vitor, I mostly need Myles voices at this moment of time, and Nin Jaco hasnt done his voices yet either.

Also considering that Im so addicted to my newly acquired games all I have to say is that I dont think I'll be able to finish the flash this year. Better a Post-Xmas flash instead of no flash at all. So believe me when I say the flash will be done, but not anytime soon. I found an awesome snow .fla on the internet so it will save me bunch of time making my own instead, but I dont know if using it will cause to much lag in the flash as its quite high quality work.

And no, Rush for Xmas is not technically a Rush, its not on time and the flash takes it time.

Thats all for now I guess. Merry Xmas folks!

Posted by BreedCrasher - November 1st, 2007

I finally finished my latest flash for halloween! The Rush for Halloween. After about 5000 script changes I managed to do it. You can go see it here


PLEASE Recommend this for the Halloween 2007 collection!