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Latest Flash; Closure

2008-05-04 16:29:44 by BreedCrasher

I recently submitted my latest Flash, Closure, to NG. You can find it here:

Just so you know alot of people are claiming its Emo and all that. After you've seen it, or even before you've seen it, read the description, cause seriously, I laugh at the people claiming it is.

Also the flash isnt something super advanced in animating, its a simple animation I made to waste time originally.

So yeah, I got a few other Flash Projects up and running to, but for now they'll be held confidential.


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2008-05-05 13:35:18

I loved it (:


2008-05-10 08:53:44


dude you are really sick and twisted and you need help

BreedCrasher responds:

Good to hear :)

Banned from the page. Bai.


2008-08-11 09:40:17

The style was amazing and the movie was creepy and horrotic(it that word exist)

Good work aniway!