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Simply amazing

Watched through all of it, was weirded out at the very sight, but in the end I couldnt help but just laugh at how this came through. The detail level of background is immense, made my computer lag and had me turn the quality down to low, lol. Also glad that there's more people around this place who simply dont make sense in their works. The storyline telling and the entire set up of dialog was priceless, and the moment where Gerkinman entered the entire flash just won everything over.

Great job!

Gerkinman responds:

Thankies, i did spend alot of time on those backgrounds.

Nice one Mental!

Good short, just as you always do ol' buddy! Funny that you chose to do a LL Flash during this moment of time, it was quite well done for the short amount of time you spent on it. Keep it up!

MylesAnimated responds:

well, since Sonic Halloween Costume 3 fucked over on me this year, I thought I might as well make a lock flash to kill some time I would have spent on my traditional Halloween shit. shame, it was also my favourite time of the year as well

Im Speechless!

This is by far the best Madness Day flash ever! You brang a much more darker and more emotional clown in itself, its amazing how he didnt even spare the life of the women in the movie, they all had to die and he wouldnt stop untill everyone.. or anything died.

The Graphics are absolutely amazing, you must have practiced this stuff alot, the GFX's were amazing, its also incredible how you could do this all so smoothly without even having a single lag! The movements are extremely pro and spot on timed, Im awestruck! This is probally also the best graphical movie Ive seen so far, I cant wait to see how you use it next!

After seeing this, Im completely stunned. I cant wait to see what your next flash will be, and Im not amazed that this actually won first place in Madness Day. Absolutely Amazing!

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Whoa! Great Game!

Wow! It's a great game. It took me time to realise that it was the mouse that controls the airplane, not the keyboard, so i died a few times. My score was.... i think it was 30 to be exact. Well, you should be proud to accomplish something like this cause most games like this i play are mostly crap games and the coins, balls or whatever you have to pick always end up at the same place. In other words, this game is great! Just ad a highscore table, some enemies to avoid and some balls that you can only collect by.... Shooting them with an added machine gun?

ELFERRETO responds:

yeah, read all the reviews and youll see there have been people asking for some stuff, and i will put them into the next stick flying game, like guns, control the plane speed, flying cats (shoot `em down) special dots, all of that, thanks for the great review, keep on working on your score cos my highest is 46!

Take it Easy Mario!

Gosh, this is the best game i've ever played at NG! Just completed it..... I still cant believe that Mario had nerve to do so much at a single koopa.


Wow, Man! Freakin' Awesome! I uploaded a picture of a chao, and GODDAMN, that was Hilarious! Make more!

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Awesome, very touching

I could listen to this for quite awhile there. What I found coincidentially funny was that this has the same name of the plot twist song in SAW IV, and to be honest this song would probally fit in the franchise. lol.

But in overall, this song is really touching, and its something I could keep listening for along time. Great choice of instruments and tunes, and its really calm. Keep up the work!

Quite good song Arnas

I wouldnt say that it would be your best song, but its a great job man! Keep up the good work.


Im so sorry if you read the review of the Defcon Zero Review! I was wrighting it for this, but both are just as good just so you know... Sorry. But i love the song! Both of them! Truly Sorry though for the mistake

DavidOrr responds:

haha, don't worry about the mistake, it happens.

Yea, this was featured in the Madness Combat 6 trailer. It's always nice to see my stuff being utilized by flash/game developers.

Thanks for the reveiw and support!

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