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Whats That Sound? Whats That Sound?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Simply amazing

Watched through all of it, was weirded out at the very sight, but in the end I couldnt help but just laugh at how this came through. The detail level of background is immense, made my computer lag and had me turn the quality down to low, lol. Also glad that there's more people around this place who simply dont make sense in their works. The storyline telling and the entire set up of dialog was priceless, and the moment where Gerkinman entered the entire flash just won everything over.

Great job!

Gerkinman responds:

Thankies, i did spend alot of time on those backgrounds.

Inward Singing Inward Singing

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Full of win by all aspects xD

Man, it was worth the wait. And the fact that it was another Tenacious D movie made it better, I somehow expected that you'd use Kyle Quit the Band for the credits XD

Anyways, the animation was completely awesome, awhole shitload of fbf and awesome movements. It sure was worth the time, I dont know if I could pull off everything that you managed to animate in here, it was godly. Sweet job! Cant wait to see what your next flash submission will be if you're continuing xD

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MichaFrario responds:

thanks dude.
Well, i'm gonna go to artgrounds or Iscribble or something, gonna draw more. So no big stuff

Super smash bros ST 4 Super smash bros ST 4

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well lets see...

I havent seen the previous parts, but by watching this movie I think I already understand what this is about..

Now, one thing I have to comment on first is the use of your dialog, You hardly used any dots or commas at all, which made it hard to know exactly where the break in the texts, where as you used a whole shitload of exclamation marks, it could have been enough with one, even though they are acting serious.

The story? Its a bit meh, I guess it could work but the lines you used were some of the most overused and cheesy ones I have ever seen, like Mario saying how he always keep having bad dreams. Also, I would understand Mewtwo talking cause he talks, but Pikachu and Jigglypuff? And to top it off Pikachu had to act all badass sounding as he is some god of lightning or something.

One thing I did like about this alot was the fights. They were quite top notch. I somewhat expected that Crazy Hand would get into the fight aswell. The scene with Snake appearing was a bit... well... I dunno. I guess it was just to simple.

Overall you did quite a good job on this, but the ending went rather weird, as you just showed Sonic being the next newcomer, and it then faded out into the credits. You could have made this into something much better, like having him appear into the fight out of nothing.

But the flash was quite good actually. Wasnt the best, but still, not bad at all.

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Hendertaker responds:

o you are the autor of Brain hanging upside down? wow good i got your critism here,
well about mario having dreams i have never seen another mario movie about mario having bad dreams, i wanted my characters to use another style of speech and thats why picachu and jigglypuff talk that way (sorry if you didnt like it but the where exited understand me U.U
hehe and about the scene where snake apeared
well i was matching it to the BG music until he starts to fight.
i understand you didnt like most of these stuff but thats the way i wanted things to go but well its good having you opision here makes me happy
c ya man tnx for stoping here

LL- Trampoline LL- Trampoline

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice one Mental!

Good short, just as you always do ol' buddy! Funny that you chose to do a LL Flash during this moment of time, it was quite well done for the short amount of time you spent on it. Keep it up!

MylesAnimated responds:

well, since Sonic Halloween Costume 3 fucked over on me this year, I thought I might as well make a lock flash to kill some time I would have spent on my traditional Halloween shit. shame, it was also my favourite time of the year as well

Madness: Deus Ex Machina Madness: Deus Ex Machina

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Im Speechless!

This is by far the best Madness Day flash ever! You brang a much more darker and more emotional clown in itself, its amazing how he didnt even spare the life of the women in the movie, they all had to die and he wouldnt stop untill everyone.. or anything died.

The Graphics are absolutely amazing, you must have practiced this stuff alot, the GFX's were amazing, its also incredible how you could do this all so smoothly without even having a single lag! The movements are extremely pro and spot on timed, Im awestruck! This is probally also the best graphical movie Ive seen so far, I cant wait to see how you use it next!

After seeing this, Im completely stunned. I cant wait to see what your next flash will be, and Im not amazed that this actually won first place in Madness Day. Absolutely Amazing!

Pico, the NG Guardian Pico, the NG Guardian

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This aint a ripoff of Pico's Unloaded..

Ripoff Pico's Unloaded? Shyeah Right.

Let me refrase to you noobs what a Ripoff is. A ripoff is ripping off exactly every part of the storyline, moves, actions, characters, objects, music, whatever the heck, everything is exact, so more to say that it looks exactly the same, like maybe decompiling it just changing it so its your style of drawing and then submit. I mean, sure, there are similarities. Pico fights against the Uberkids and ends up getting into a new conflict with the Ghettobots. Get this straight, Pico in this movie gets his Flash submission stolen down in the subway train, and he fights to get it back. In Pico's Unloaded, what he really did was a defending against the Uberkid ambush after he went to buy some Ice Cream, taking place down at a dark alley. Some moves are taken from Pico's Unloaded, Yeah, and it has same battle timeline, Pico fights all the Uberkids, then goes against the head one, beats him, then takes on the Ghettobots. If I'd say, this is more of a recreation. Take the remake movie of B in 3D for an example, its just a recreation but in 3D. That doesnt make it stolen, does it?

So dont go and bitch about this being a Ripoff, if this would have been, Tom would have just gone off and deleted it already.

Now onto what I think about the movie myself, its really looking good, I dont think of it as good as Pico's Unloaded myself, cause when it comes to beating that movie, I'd really like to see someone outnumber that one. But overall in all this was a really great movie, awesome work!

Super Mario bros Z ep 6 Super Mario bros Z ep 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Mecha Sonic isnt god...

YOU are god man! This truely is Heart stopping. I never knew you could make the suspense any better than what you've already done, but you did! Then again Im not surprised, its what you've been doing all the time with the series, making every episode better and better for each time. The Action, the Storyline, everything! And I just gotta say, I cant wait for the next installment! Keep up the extremely great work man!

Sonic Cosmic vs SSW Sonic Cosmic vs SSW

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome job Arnas

When I told you that this Flash would own, then I really meant it. You did a great job on it. Cant wait for the sequel.

a SMB3 Tale II a SMB3 Tale II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely AMAZING Man!

I can see why you spent so much time on it, Its totally flawless. Its extremely awesome aswell. The battles, the music, the sprites, and the battles again, and its extremely fluid aswell. Well, everything is awesome in this one!

I cant wait to see more of your work man! This truly will be a movie to remember! Awesome job!

Mario,Mario and Mario Mario,Mario and Mario

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol, good one Zonic

Niiice, this is going onto my favorites. Good work.... I liked the idea of having all the mario's

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