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Im mistaking my mouse for the one in the movie...

LOL, great idea, it's funny and well animated. Only problem (Well not really, just something that makes it more fun) is the same thing as the summary says.

Man! That Was Hilarious!

Hey that was frickin awesome, the ''my sympathy is in another castle'' and ''sorry mario but your victory is in another ending; Stop with all this another bullshit!'' was best! Sure hope it comes into the mario parodies, and did you say that the name of the song was outer limits, because it totally rocks.... Hoping for a continuation soon!


Aw man, that was just plain awesome! But the bad part was that the Go Sonic scene was taken from sonic cd, all the way untill he attacks the robots (Im including the Spin Dash also). So it's totally great in other words, hurry up with the continuation, cause man this is being more and more interesting for every time i watch it!

P.S: Voice actors where kinda okay, but Eggmans voice was extremely like in the games... So in my opinion he has the best voice acting.

Well... eh... okay i guess.

I gota say, that aint the best parody, but its a start. And the song aint Tear Away, it's let the bodies hit the floor.


This is just major junk. This aint even CLOSE to be Matrix Style...

LOL!!! Haha!

Wow, it made me laugh my ass off! Deserves a 5. Enjoy ur 5! When will 2 come out?

Now that's what im talking about!

I have this song, but i never knew that it could be for that kind of good use! It's one of the best music movies ive seen. The best part was the last when luigi accidentaly killed babymario and yoshi


Wow, great Mario Spoof. I mostly liked when that Thwomp was gona squish Mario, in Slowmotion while playing Final Countdown, but misses somehow and falls in the lava!

Great man....

wow, like first when i played SMB it was nice, but the idea of pause was kinda dizzy like he jumps and somehow that pesky law of gravity keeps him flying, or like in other Nintendo games like Section Z it always freezes. So, Mario atleast got a lesson, cause it's his rules not the enemies. Good Idea, that Fat Bastard deserves it somehow, don't know why he actually deserves, maybe because he doesnt make a quick call, his head is probally just as slow as he is fat. Make More!

Sad, simple, yet so good.

First time i watched the movie i almost started crying cause it was so sad.... But it's a great movie. Simple, yet so great. You go Randy.

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