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Rush for Xmas will have to wait

2007-12-26 10:30:22 by BreedCrasher

Hey guys, Merry Xmas! I hope your Xmas was cool, because mine sure was!
Here's a list of what I got:

Super Mario Galaxy
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games
iPod Classic 80GB
iPod Charger (Through home electricity instead of computer)
Wii HD Component Cable (If you have a Wii with an HD TV I suggest you get this immediately)

Now for some Rush for Xmas info, I didnt expect the apparent mocking in the first flash to be true, but people begged so much that I figured, fuck it. I'll do it. The script and all is done, but the only ones that have so far fixed the voices needed is Nitro and Vitor, I mostly need Myles voices at this moment of time, and Nin Jaco hasnt done his voices yet either.

Also considering that Im so addicted to my newly acquired games all I have to say is that I dont think I'll be able to finish the flash this year. Better a Post-Xmas flash instead of no flash at all. So believe me when I say the flash will be done, but not anytime soon. I found an awesome snow .fla on the internet so it will save me bunch of time making my own instead, but I dont know if using it will cause to much lag in the flash as its quite high quality work.

And no, Rush for Xmas is not technically a Rush, its not on time and the flash takes it time.

Thats all for now I guess. Merry Xmas folks!


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2008-01-15 18:33:37

Thats scarily similar to what I got, bar Mario and Sonic.


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